Thursday, September 25, 2008

An usual.

Since I can very rarely find the time to get on here and blog, basically all my posts are updates.

First of all, I started my student teaching, and at first I hated it. I am with one of the two choir teachers at the high school. There are nine choirs, five bands, and four orchestras. How crazy is that? Well, we do five of the choirs. One is a nine grade SATB (boys and girls) choir, and the rest are all girl choirs. Can you say an unfair amount of teenage female hormones? Holy cow. But, it's been couple weeks, and I am really starting to enjoy myself. The first concert is October 14th!

Cameron is just growing like crazy. If I could put pictures on here, I totally would. He now has 8 teeth and I think he's teething again. He will probably be getting some molers (Spelling?). He is one solid kid. We feed him, but he is so skinny. Absolutely no fat on his body. It's all muscle. He is so strong and can throw really well. He is learning new things everyday. He says hi (and he waves), he calls both me and Clint 'dat' for dad, uh-oh, what's that, and what is that. He understands the words for sippy, ball, tiger (his stuffed animal, which he is attached to), dad, go. And he learns more everyday. Right now he has the flu and threw up six times yesterday. It was so sad when he didn't have any food left in his stomach. He is such a trooper.

Clint is doing well, but very stressed. He spends every waking minute studying his CDC's for the Air Force (Career Development Courses).

Oh, and we are moving! We just got offered a brand new house on Malmstrom Air Force Base, which means we will be the first people to live in it. We are very excited to move, but sad to leave our ward. We've only been here three months and already we are attached to our little ward. But we know that we will be fine wherever we go.

Till next time...