Saturday, August 15, 2009

Two years in this crazy life

And what does he think about it? Well... see for yourself, he love's it!

Oh yeah...Clint and I had fun too!

Happy birthday Cameron!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I've only been waiting 16 weeks for this...

Yep, you guessed it. Baby number 2 is on HIS (so it's a boy!) way.
I am 20 weeks today, only 20 more to go.
Due December 31st.
I decided to wait to post this until I knew what I was having. I think Cameron is starting to catch on that there is actually a baby in my belly, but what do I know. We couldn't be happier. And the baby seems to be very healthy so far!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Home Depot Kids Project and some misc. pictures...

So, one Saturday a month the Home Depot sets up a kids project area. The kids can do a quick and easy project that is FREE! I love it. So far Cameron has gone twice, and he loves using a real hammer and screw driver. He says, "I fix it," which is something he does at home too. If he finds a screw driver, he will stick it in any hole he can find and turn the screw driver. Good thing we have outlet covers. Anyway, when he completes his wood project, they give him a certificate and a pin to go on his apron that he received the first time he went. We just love it. This last project only took about ten minutes to do. And when we were done we told him how proud we were of him and took him out for an icecream cone. It's such a fun Saturday activity!

Here is his message board that he (we made), with hooks,
a cork board, and dry erase board. We will be putting his
"car keys" on the hooks.

And another of him smiling because he's so funny.

And here are some more cute pictures of Cameron...
Coming down the waterslide when we were in Rexburg

He kept kicking me when we were on our way to Rexburg

Riding his bike with his best friend, Christian. He can't quite ride it yet.

At the American Cancer society Relay for Life

Big smiles at the water park