Thursday, November 12, 2009

Clint's Deer

Clint has been hunting a few times this season and passed up several deer-mostly because he just liked going hiking and because the deer population in Montana is larger than the human population, so he could afford to be choosy. So yesterday morning he got his deer. It a mule deer buck. It's rack isn't too big, but the actual deer is pretty big-which saves us a lot of money on meat! I'm so proud of him.

This picture is of Clint with the front half of his deer in our garage
after he had gutted it and brought it home.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

An update...

Yes, I know I'm a terrible blogger. Just about every post seems to be an update with a bunch of random pictures, but it's more for me than you anyway. So here are some pictures of the last two months. Unfortunately, when Clint and I celebrated our fourth anniversary on August 19th, we forgot our camera, and so we bought a disposable one, and the pictures haven't been developed yet. I might get to that and post it, or I might not. So there's the update about that.

There's my girl! Oh wait, I have a boy. Well sometimes he likes to do girlie things like carry around a purse.


What a weirdo, he likes to watch his movies like this!

We recently took a trip to the closest temple (3 hours away). This is the Billings, MT temple. We got Cameron to point to the Angel Moroni and he would say "Yeah Angel Oroni"

It's a bird, it's a plane...

This just in... we have spotted Superman right here in Great Falls, Montana. Why he chooses to stick around with this family, we're just not sure. But they do give him lots of candy and he seems to like it!

Apparently Superman's got a girlfriend too! (Supergirl-and yes I made both of their costumes)

We went bowling the weekend before Halloween for the city's Big Brothers Big Sister's charity event, and the theme was 80's rock and roll. I don't think I pulled it off very well, but I did win best hair and won a free hair cut, that I will use for Clint or Cameron. But anyway, this seems to be the best shot I could get of my costume and my belly. Too bad I've got my eyes half closed and a sucker in my mouth.