Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blessing Day

Clint blessed Ethan at church today. We were supposed to do it the first Sunday in February, but I ended up getting sick and just about everyone we asked to be in the circle had to work because of the base inspections going on the whole month. Oh well.

And just to show you my mad sewing skills...I made his outfit and booties myself.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Home From the Hospital

So, a few days ago, Ethan started getting a cold-so did Cameron and I. But then he started getting a fever, and let me tell you, I thought he was already fussy! We took him into the insta care on Saturday morning around 8am.

Side note: the night before, we took both kids to the movie theater with us and watched Avatar at 10:30pm. Cameron does really good in the movies now, and we figured he would just sleep anyway. NOT A CHANCE. He stayed awake during the whole movie! And we didn't get home until 2:30am. So getting him up at 7:30 the next morning, you can understand why he wouldn't stop throwing tantrums all day-which I felt really bad about because he had to go to the babysitter. Okay, that was a really long side note. Now, on to the rest.

They took Ethan's temperature and it was high, so they checked him out and couldn't find anything like an ear infection or things that you could see easily, so by 9:00 we were in the hospital, and Ethan was in one of those cages they call cribs. He'd gotten some tylenol by this point and was doing better, but still seemed like something was hurting him. They took some blood cultures, some fluid from his nose, and a urine test. They gave him some antibiotics, and then we waited and waited and waited. And then we waited some more. We waited for 2 days. In the meantime, every test came back negative, and so they gave him some more antibiotics to last another 48 hours. They sent us home on Monday around 11am. They said it was probably just viral infection ( I'm guessing from the cold he was getting).

All cozied up on Mommy. This is where he preferred to be, pretty much the entire time. And I don't blame him.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Race Car Display

Unfortunately we missed the Home Depot kid's project in January, which makes me sad because it was so stinking cute. But can you blame us with a two week old baby? Anyway, we made it back there this month. Cameron loved his new race car display. He loves cars and so this is perfect for him. Right now he is on a Cars (the movie) kick. He already has Lightning McQueen or Liking McQueen as he calls it, Doc Hudson, Dinoco aka. The King (we never saw the movie when we got this car for him and didn't know his name, so we just called him Dinoco, and it stuck), and a green Vitoline car that looks like one of the cars from the movie, so he calls it Vitoline.

Anyway...he went with his little friend and had a blast, then we got some apple pies from McDonalds on the way home. We had a great time.

P.S. We were having so much fun helping Cameron make his Display, that when it was time to leave I almost left Ethan in his car seat in a Home Depot Cart! Ahhh! I forgot for a second that I have 2 kids now.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My new camera

My husband loves me. Well...I never thought he didn't. But I'm so giddy. Hopefully some great pictures will follow this post.

My 2 year old monster...

Unfortunately, this is what happens when I am taking care of the baby. Yes, Cameron is in Ethan's baby tub. I put Cameron in the bathtub and gave Ethan a bath in his baby tub. When I was done, I took Ethan to get him dressed, and this is what I found when I got back. Needless to say, a big kid in a tiny bath will make a big water mess...everywhere. Instead of getting mad, I made myself shrug it off and take a picture! It's only water anyway.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Some Pictures...finally!

If you head over to my jewelry blog, you will be lavished with nineteen, yes that's right nineteen pictures of bracelets. Just bracelets...and that's not even my whole collection of bracelets. That's just a start to get to looking and to keep you interested...hopefully. Anyway, just head over there and check it out!