Tuesday, November 3, 2009

An update...

Yes, I know I'm a terrible blogger. Just about every post seems to be an update with a bunch of random pictures, but it's more for me than you anyway. So here are some pictures of the last two months. Unfortunately, when Clint and I celebrated our fourth anniversary on August 19th, we forgot our camera, and so we bought a disposable one, and the pictures haven't been developed yet. I might get to that and post it, or I might not. So there's the update about that.

There's my girl! Oh wait, I have a boy. Well sometimes he likes to do girlie things like carry around a purse.


What a weirdo, he likes to watch his movies like this!

We recently took a trip to the closest temple (3 hours away). This is the Billings, MT temple. We got Cameron to point to the Angel Moroni and he would say "Yeah Angel Oroni"

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