Monday, January 25, 2010

My Dad

If you don't know my dad, this is him...

(Alissa-if you couldn't tell, I stole this picture off your blog. I have no good pictures of Dad)

Many people are afraid of my dad, but they just don't get his personality. He IS very humorous, but you've got to be paying attention. And, I'm sure most if not all of my siblings could conjure up at least one photo of my dad smiling or doing something silly for blackmail. But the point is that I have the best dad ever. And in two months or so I will get to spend seven months with him. That's a post all on its own. You might not think that's so lucky, but I'm happy about it.

So, the reason for this post, is what I was surprised with on Christmas morning. I took a trip down to Utah in November and visited my brother Matt. His wife Erikka just had a little girl in August. When I went to their house, I saw a beautiful cradle, and I knew right away my dad had to have made that for them. After I left, I called my mom and jokingly told her that I wanted one and I expected one for my baby. I did this jokingly because I knew there was no way I could have expected my dad to make one in that short amount of time and I would have felt low for asking for one. So yes...this was my surprise under the Christmas tree from my dad.

(baby not included)

Apparently when I was talking to my mom about the cradle on the phone, my dad had mine 3/4 done! And that's not all. He made one for my sister Alissa and my other brother Andrew. That's four, and he's in the process of making two more! He is truly an amazing woodworker. Yes, I love my daddy!
Oh, and here's an advertisement: If you think these are just so darn cute and you want one, I bet you can order one from him. Check out his website Red Lion Woodcraft. His website is currently under construction, but he can make pretty much anything!


Ruth Solter said...

Thanks for posting this picture of the cradle. I'll make sure Dad sees this post.

Jenny said...

MUST have one!

Pettey Family said...

Jenny, I'm sure all you have to do is have another baby!

the thrifty ba said...

i have never been afraid of your dad. i really like him!
and that is a beautiful cradle! i wish i was going to have more kids just to beg for one!!