Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day of School!

So I sent Cameron off to school for the first time today. He has been waiting and waiting for this day for about a year now. So we went outside to the end of our driveway and waited for the bus! Cameron was beyond excited, but I think he might have a been a little skeptical also thinking it might just be like any other day where he stays home with Mom and Ethan.
But to start this day off right, I made some of my mom's cinnamon rolls. For some reason my dough had a super hard time rising/raising? but in the end they turned out great. I think Cameron was a little too excited to get his new school clothes on that he only ate about half of his.

He chose Spiderman over Lightning McQueen. This made Dad happy and Mom wished he would have chosen Lightning McQueen (it was cuter).

Ethan was there to show everyone how cute he is with his little crusty icing face.

The school is all about safety. They even have a separate playground for the preschoolers to use. Well, the schoolbus came by our house and just kept going. They were picking all the kids up on the other side of the road first and then they swing back around and pick the kids up on our side of the road. This devastated Cameron. He thought the school bus wasn't coming back!

But after some explaining, he was good to go again. And of course I made him give me a hug and kiss before the bus came, just in case I didn't get one.

Just playing here, "No mom, don't let 'em take me!"

Here comes the bus.

The door opened and he got right on, sat down, and buckled himself in. They have buckles! I was right, no goodbye.

But I did finally get a wave!

Have a good year Cameron!


Merry said...

Haha! Why is it that kids don't think of saying goodbye to parents at these times? That first picture is very, very cute. I hope he loves school.

Ruth Solter said...

Oh my, he just can't be old enough!! Ethan looks like he's grown a good bit since Jan!! We miss you guys!!!

Elizabeth said...

Wow---cool bus! I'm so proud of him AND you! We miss y'all but are happy you are getting settled!