Friday, May 16, 2008

Here' update

1. Cameron had his nine month well check today, and he's just so perfect. 75th percentile for height and 45th for weight. He already has two bottom teeth and is cutting four top teeth. The pediatrician said to start feeding him the same food that I eat, which I just have to say is kinda SCARY for me. And last but not least, he is just moving around so fast, it's hard to keep up with him, standing on everything, and has the ever dreaded separation anxiety. But still, oh so perfect. And here are some pictures of Cameron having fun in the grass.

The sun in his eyes.

Cameron trying to eat a flower.

2. Clint comes home in 20 days, June 5th. I cannot wait, I'm so excited. And on June 20th we move to Montana, 2 days after my summer classes are over.

3. Speaking of summer classes, I realized that I love summer semester and hate the regular semesters. For fifteen weeks I am incredibly stressed and all the assignments and projects just pile up at the end of the semester. I have fifteen weeks to be stressed. But, during the summer semester, which is half as long, I don't get the chance to be stressed for very long. It's wonderful.


Alissa said...

what you need to get is one of those food grinder thingies. You can grind up just about anything using those!

Yay for seeing husbands soon! Yay for cute Camerons. Yay for short semesters!

Mari said...

Oh I am so with you on the summer smemester thing. Summer is way better than winter or fall.

Sarah said...

I miss both of you!! We should get together before you guys run away to Montana. I'll call you when I get back from NY.

JJ Sumsion said...

I can't believe how big Cameron is!