Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is there such a thing....

as Clean Lingerie?

*Note: If you are offended by lingerie, stop reading and skip to the next post, I won't be offended.*

So, I took a trip to Utah last week to turn in my final project/portfolio for school and decided to spend some time with friends and family. On my way down to Provo, I pass this very intriguing billboard that says...

His and Hers married lingerie

Delightful I understand, tasteful-well of course, but clean-I've never heard lingerie called clean. The thought that came into my head was that they must be white, with sleeves, knee length, and most definitely not sheer or see through. How do you think Mormon wives have so many kids, by covering themselves up? I don't think so. If there was any truth to that last statement, however I would back it up with facts. Unfortunately, I just thought it was funny.
Last vent: When you are married, anything is clean
  • Something see-through
  • Something not white, could be red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, black, brown, and every other color in a box of 64 crayons (except that weird macaroni and cheese color might be a little weird-your hubby comes home and you say "hey babe... I'm wearing mac and cheese tonight")
  • a G-string
  • Even a cop and waitress outfit, or santa and helper outfit, or doctor and nurse, just whatever your mind comes up with is clean.


Alissa said...

i'm sorry, but "his lingerie?"

that's wrong in and of itself.

Rebekah said...

hehehe...I actually had that same thought myself.

Mari said...

When you are married clean = laundered.

Jenny said...

I have to 2nd Mari, clean=laundered. I'd be interested to go into that store to see what they are really all about.

Erin said...

Haha. You crack me up Bekah!