Monday, January 19, 2009

Is is too late for Christmas?

This post is really late in coming, but I'm lazy and finally decided I should post Christmas and all the happenings since, before I decide myself that it's too late.

Christmas...was great. Clint and I stayed in Montana and had our own little Christmas. We did some really fun things this year and thought I would share.

Advent Garland for the 12 days of Christmas. Each day we chose one activity to do. Very fun. Check out my sister's blog for the whole explanation.

Clint's office had a Christmas party for the kids and Cameron had a blast making cookies, snowmen, visiting with Santa, opening a present (from us), swinging at a pinata, and he even got his own stocking and decorated ornament with his name on each of them.

Making a snowman

Decorating a cookie

Sitting on Santa's lap (screaming is more like it)

Opening his present (he wouldn't sit on Santa's lap)

Clint helping Cameron swing at the wreath pinata

We also went to the ward Christmas party. It was mostly for the kids. Different rooms around the building were decorated for the story that was being read to the kids. The kids sat on the floor and wore pajamas. It was...interesting. Kind of boring for us. But Cameron somewhat enjoyed himself. He really enjoyed the activity when The Miracle of Jonathan Toomey (one of my favorite Christmas stories since 7th grade) was read and he got to decorate a nativity scene with stickers. I think he did a fabulous job.

Here is the Christmas Tree, stockings, and other such things.

We made a gingerbread house this year. It was fun except that it took a really long time and it still looks a little sloppy to me. I think next year we'll stick to candy trains. Plus Cameron can probably help with those. He couldn't really do much with the gingerbread house.

Here is our Christmas tree. I couldn't get a very good picture with my simple digital camera. But tree lights were on in this picture. Cameron did a really good job at not touching the ornaments or the presents. We also have a tradition that we made in our little family. Clint makes the star out of garland and a clothes hanger and sticks a light up in the middle of it every year. It's actually really pretty. This year he did a four point star. I like the five point star myself.

Here are our stockings. Both Clint's and my stockings are homemade. I wanted to make Cameron's this year but didn't get a chance because I got busy making Clint's Christmas present, so we used the one from the kid's Christmas party.

Cameron had way more fun opening presents this year, but he is 12 months older. He loved just ripping the paper off and getting another present. He helped us open our presents.

Every year when Clint was growing up he would get a teddy bear for Christmas. I'm not exactly sure how he lost his every year. But we decided that we would at least get one for Cameron this year. Thanks goes to the Dollar Store for that one (and most of his stupid little presents that just gave him more to unwrap. He absolutely loved his bear and he still does. Now he has to sleep with his white tiger and his bear. And sometimes he needs all three of his stuffed animals including his Tigger.

Cameron kept trying to get the tricylcle out from under the tree, but we made him wait till last on that present. He loved it and we had to push him around on it all day. He can sort of reach the peddals, but isn't strong enough to move them yet. I'm sure we'll see him strolling around in no time.

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looks like so much fun! i'm so glad that at least SOMEONE enjoyed my tutorial!