Tuesday, May 11, 2010

WARNING-Poop in this Post!

I warned you. If you don't want to see poop, don't look.
Cameron won't tell us when he has so poop. It drives me crazy! He will pee in the potty all the time and rarely has pee accidents anymore. Put poop-well that's a whole other story. The only time I could ever get him to poop in the his potty seat or the toilet was when I saw him grabbing his butt.
Well, today we had run out of underwear. It was ALL dirty. I was not about to put a diaper on him because we all know where that leads...Regression! So, he got pants and only pants.
Then it happened.
  • I smelled something totally rank.
  • I asked him if he needed to poop.
  • He said "I need to go poop!" (a little late)
  • I looked down his pants-and there it was. A mudslide of poop all the way down his pants and on his sock.
  • I made him walk to the bathroom, cleaned him up, and put him in the tub.
  • I walked back to the room I was in, and right there on the floor was another surprise for me-a Racquetball sized turd right in the doorway. It had fallen out of his pants and onto the floor! Lucky for you I didn't take a picture of that.
So...here's your picture of poop. Kid "blowouts" are way more disgusting than baby blowouts. Just in case your wondering, this isn't the first time I've found poop balls on my carpet, just the first time I decided to write about it!

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Jenny said...

It took Tab about a YEAR to start pooping in the toilet of his own accord. All of the bribing, potty charts, etc. didn't work. For us what finally worked was every.single.time he pooped in his pants, he got stripped down and stuck under a COLD shower for about 15 seconds. Believe it or not we only did that for about two weeks and he never pooped in his pants again! Good luck, potty training sucks.