Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today is Cinco de Mayo. Many people are dancing and celebrating in beautiful weather.
Here in Montana, I decided to stay inside today. (We get snow in June) But it's okay, because I'm wearing something warm, and something special.
Clint and I recently went through the rest of my brother, David's, box of books and sweaters that my mom left here. It was hard to get rid of anything, and we kept a lot of his sweaters. (We actually haven't gotten rid of any of his sweaters yet, so if any of my siblings want some sweaters, let me know). David wore sweaters all the time, even in the summer. And today, I decided to wear one.
It makes me miss him so much.
We didn't wash them yet, so I take in his smell.

I know that it isn't his birthday, or the anniversary of his death, but I've been thinking about him lately, and I wanted to feel close to him. I love my brother and hope he is doing well where he is.


Alissa said...

love that last picture. i think of david ALL the time. it's why i knit.

Jenny said...

I may just take you up on your offer for one of his sweaters.