Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The birthday boy!

I'd like to post pictures of Cameron from the past three years, but all our pictures are either on CD's in storage in Montana, or on a portable hard drive in Africa with Clint. So, birthday pictures will just have to do.

A birthday cake fit for a three year old. Unfortunately, when I finally got around to taking pictures of it, the frosting and candy all had started melting. Curse this hot weather!
Cameron trying to hold up three fingers. Ethan is better at holding up fingers than Cameron. He did eventually get three fingers up.
My mom always had a tradition that the birthday kid gets the first cut of his cake, and we've carried on that tradition in our own family.
Cameron with his stash.
For some reason this kid has a new found obsession with putting his fingers and hands in his mouth. I thought that was just a baby thing, but I've been proven wrong. He's never even sucked his thumb before!

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