Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quiet Toys-Crayon Roll

So, I've been in a really crafty mood lately. (Actually I'm in a crafty mood all the time). But I've been looking at A LOT of quiet toys/activities/books for church for my children as well as my brother's children. I'm working on some laminated picture books of The Savior, Temples, Missionaries, Families, etc. I'm also working on activity folders, as well as some soft books. I finished a crayon roll for Cameron, Gabi, and Alex.

I looked for tutorials and such online, but couldn't find one for what I wanted specifically. So, intead of making it at least somewhat easier on myself, I decided to just figure out the entire thing on my own. And since I did, I made three of them, so I was able to figure out a better way to do certain things here and there.

So, here's the question...would you like a tutorial for this? If so, I'd be happy to post one!

Here's a picture of all of them open. I did one for regular sized crayons, and two for the tall twisty ones.

I had a blast making these, and I learned why I made them the way I did. I decided to only make pockets for eight crayons, because if you add too many more, it's just going to get bulky and that's not really what you want in your purse or church bag. I also used a button and stretchy cord for the closure instead of long ribbons. I figured they would get in the way. On the other hand, eventually the loop will lose its elasticity like a hair tie. Overall, I really like these and I like the way I did them.


Sharlyn said...

I would love a tutorial. I want to make these for my boys for Christmas!

Tiffanie said...

That's awesome! Teach me :)