Monday, November 24, 2008

I said big boy-not BUZZ!!!!!!

Tonight I literally cried at the sight of my child's hair. Not that it looks bad. But once again I said big boy...
not BUZZ!
Cameron has had two haircuts already, but only to get rid of his nasty ear bangs and hair out of his eyes. Clint and I decided a few days ago that it was time to give Cameron a big boy haircut, and we've been preparing him for it by talking to him a about it and showing him how Clint uses the clippers on his own head. He was an angel for the haircut.

Unfortunately, this is what he ended up with. Clint accidentally used the wrong size on the top of his head and gave him a buzz. How lovely. I didn't want to use the clippers at all. So, next month, I'll be the one cutting his hair-thank you very much.

In the middle of the cut, I took this picture. This is something I like to call a baby mullet.

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Alissa said...

so cute! i love the big boy haircuts.