Tuesday, March 9, 2010


We just took a trip to Moses Lake, Washington last weekend to visit Clint's brother Cody and his wife Shauna. Clint and Lance, Cody's old mission companion (he's like a brother to Clint and Cody) spent literally all day helping Cody remodel part of his house, and the next day they all went Pheasant hunting. It was fun to see everyone, and I got some extra help with the kids--score!

Left to right: Lance, Cody, Cameron, Shauna, Ethan, Bekah, Clint

Cody, Lance, and Clint

A picture I took on the drive-I think this is Coeur d'alene, Idaho
While we were loading the car up for our trip, we were all outside, so we put Ethan in his snowsuit and he slept on the front porch. I felt so bad, but he was comfortable and it really was only a little chilly outside anyway.

The rest are just random pictures.

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Anonymous said...

i'm really liking clint's glasses. just saying.