Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In Memory of Tiger

You were a beloved member of our family.

Cameron took you EVERYWHERE, cried to you, peed on you, vomited on you (a couple of times), ripped your Ty tag off, but most of all, he loved you. We're very sorry we left you at the doctor's office. When we called back, they couldn't find you. I'm sure you have another new loving home with a child who will love you, but not as much as Cameron, because you probably gave that poor little kid Croupe. Cameron has been crying for you the past 5+ days. You are loved and will be missed.

No one could ever replace you, we know that. But if you loved Cameron as much as we do, I'm sure you would want him to be happy. He did in fact cuddle you every night since he was about six months old, and a lot during the day too! It must have been hard to breathe sometimes, but I bet you enjoyed your time with Cameron. To him you were Real. I'm sure some fairy has taken you and made you real, and even though you will miss Cameron and he will miss you, we are happy you are happy (see the Velveteen Rabbit). Don't worry, we told Cameron you went on a Safari. Because we don't want Cameron to miss you too much, we decided that your twin brother from Ebay would make him happy too. Isn't it weird that his name is Tiger too? Thank you for all the time you spent with our Cameron, and for loving him so much.

P.S. Sorry you have such a boring name. This family isn't really creative that way. Our children will likely grow up without nicknames. Someday someone will ask our kids what their nicknames are, and they will have to say "well, sometimes I was called stinker, monster, or crazy kid" Not really unique...oh well.


ba and the boys said...

that makes me want to cry! i sleep with my teddy bear under my bed still (chris isnt understanding of my love for ted ted)
so sad that a mom didnt realize that it wasnt her kids toy! maybe it will come back to the drs another time. then you can have 2 if this ever happens again!

Rachel said...

Sad day! All he did was cry for Tiger while he was sick! Poor kid! I'm sorry, for him and for you Bek. That stinks. Good luck with the twin brother. I'm sure Cam will love him just the same..."Keepin' it in the Family"! :)

Rebekah said...

That second picture is actually of him cuddling the new tiger.

Jenny said...

We have nearly had this type of scenario. Except Tab was attached to a monkey from who knows where with no "brand". Luckily he turned up.